Fortificación ibérica de El Torrelló

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Onda

This archaeological site is located on an elevated terrace bordered by the El Torrelló ravine on the north and by the River Mijares on the south, the two forming a sort of peninsula only accessed easily from the west. It is a small fortified settlement with a circular wall, lined with large stone blocks and filled in with smaller stones, as was characteristic of the Iberian culture. A second site has been found 3 metres into the interior which belongs to an earlier Bronze-Age culture and has sloping drystone walls.

The site covers an area measuring 2,100 square metres, approximately 64 x 45 metres. The area consists primarily of a natural defensive rampart or escarpment, with vertical rocks 20 metres high, thus considerably easing defensive measures.
The principal section is composed of a tower that rises above the flat section of land with a complex system of buttressing walls.