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Molí de la Reixa


The mill of La Reixa is a testament to 17th-century industrialization. Located on the outskirts of the city, it was declared a National Historical-Artistic Monument in August 1978 and a Site of Local Interest in October 1982.
This old flour mill is a freestanding building three storeys high. Its trapezoidal plan puts one of the sides over the canal, the walls are of load-bearing masonry and ashlar arches stand perpendicular to the canal side.
It has original characteristics that are typical of the industrial buildings of the time, but given its size and importance, this is indeed a unique example.
It is worth pointing out that the force needed to move the millstones came from the canal water that flowed past the north face of the building, and continues flowing to this day. The water was deposited in a pond, and this complex was known as the Font de la Força. The water in the canal came from Bassa de la Vila.
In 2010, part of the old mill machinery was recovered and restored with the addition of new pieces. Visitors can now see how these mills actually worked.
The building currently houses the office of Tourist Info Onda, as well as the Municipal Museum of Palaeontology and Mineralogy.