Ermita del Salvador


The current ermitorio or hermitage, dedicated to the Most Holy Saviour Jesus Christ, patron of the town of Onda, was built in 1724 over an earlier 13th-century hermitage. The High Altar was installed and gilded in 1734, and it holds the current image of the Most Holy Saviour. In 1792, luxurious veined marble typical of Onda was added to the front of the High Altar. The temple has a small Doric nave. The floor is built of fine tiles created and donated by Manuel Garcés, the president and owner of the now-closed “La Valenciana” ceramic factory of Onda. He also painted the coat of arms of the town and various other decorations. The hostelry is connected to the temple, and is a spacious building with a façade formed by eight iron balconies.