Language Tourism

Learning a language is always an enriching experience, but if you have chosen to do so somewhere with marvellous beaches, breathtaking scenery and a large range of cultural and sporting offerings, this becomes a magical experience.

Thanks to European mobility programmes, this type of tourism is experiencing an important boom in Castellón and its province aspires to be one of the leading destinations, not just welcoming European students, but also the numerous families that have chosen the Castellón coastline as a second home and have an increasing need to command the Spanish language.

The students that come to Castellón in order to learn Spanish discover a warm, welcoming place which, ever since ancient times, has known how to welcome visitors as if they were locals, meaning that in just a few short days students feel at home.

Numerous programmes have been created in order to cater to all different needs; our cities and towns offer a range of recreational-educational possibilities that make learning a language a constant source of fun.

Ceramic, cooking, sailing, climbing and hiking classes are just a few of the options for taking the language out of the classroom and making each lesson an opportunity for students to discover a new world: that is the aim of our language tourism programmes.