In Castellón there is a network of more than 1,200 kilometres of signposted hiking trails (GR, PR and SL).

Not only is this a way of practising the sport of walking, hiking provides the opportunity to get to know a wide section of our terrain, to discover the Mediterranean cultural heritage, the culture and the people that live here.

The signposted paths will allow the traveller to really get to know the terrain in Castellón. From the GR (Spanish for Large Routes), which cross the province, to the SL (Spanish for Local Routes), which help us to discover the towns in many municipalities, there are over 140 official routes. And that is without counting the signposted routes which are not officially registered but are found in all municipalities.

It is an opportunity to enjoy nature in all its glory, as many of the routes go around our natural parks and most important landmarks of our heritage. Taking the same routes that were used for communication purposes in old civilisations is a valuable experience when hiking.


Routes classified by districts