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R07 - Vinaròs

  • Distance (Km): 109.50
  • Incline (m): 1303
  • Type: Expert



Somewhere around the 15th century, Vinaròs was one of the most important capitals of the Kingdom of Valencia, which was part of the Kingdom of Aragon. It was home to one of its two parliaments, where noblemen from Vinaròs to Orihuela came together to reach decisions about their interests. Six centuries later, Vinaròs is still one of our province's most important towns, as a reference to the second most important town within our region, El Baix Maestrat. However, it was not until after the Spanish Reconquest that it became independent from Peñíscola and really started to grow.
As fishing municipality with over 20,000 inhabitants and a great deal of summer tourism, Vinaròs has the contrast of being a municipality with a history and being a common destination. Summer is not the only time to visit; another great time is during the Carnivals in February or March which turn this city into a benchmark for the province. There is more to visit than just its beaches, coves and fishing port; we also recommend the Plaza Jovellar which has a modernist style, the Archpriest church of the Assumpció with is baroque and renaissance façades, and the San Agustín church which has been reconverted into the municipal auditorium.

Vinaròs is known as the city of the Llagostí (langoustines). Any visit to Vinaròs in incomplete without a seafood paella, or any other typical dish which features seafood or fish from the port. The Restaurant Fernandos (Paseo Blasco Ibáñez, 17), Cha Sisco (Carrer Costa i Borrás, 33), and the Restaurant Mira Mar (Paseo Blasco Ibáñez, 12) are great options for combining rice, fish and seafood.

Vinaròs is popular municipality for tourists, and as such it has a range of hospitality options to suit all tastes. Are you looking for a hotel near to the beach with a swimming pool where you can enjoy the summer as well as go out on your bike? The Hotel Crystal Park is one of the best options at an affordable price. Something for the whole family? La Villa Sol has everything you need to relax and enjoy a fabulous holiday. If you are looking for a simple, functional hotel, book a room at the Hotel Nou Casablanca.

Points of interest in the area

- Virgen de la Asunción Archpriest Church (16th century). This has a beautiful baroque door, with this being a Gothic-Renaissance temple.
- San Agustín church which currently acts as the Municipal Auditorium.
- La Casa Membrillera. This is currently a museum, where different tools, frames and equipment related to the fishing industry in Vinaròs are displayed.


This is a demanding route which is best tackled when you have got some kilometres behind you, so as not to suffer too much. We leave Vinaròs practically at sea level, taking the N232 towards the diversion with the CV135 Càlig. Although this does not have any great slopes, the road is tiring and brings us to quite a height. We cross Càlig and continue towards Cervera del Maestre, now in-land with some demanding ramps and practically 8 kilometres of constant incline. Leaving Cervera behind, we advance towards Sant Mateu and from there, on to Tírig practically without any let-up. We continue south along the CV131 which brings us to having climbed 500 metres in height in 50 kilometres, without any stand-out hills but always on tiring terrain. Now we get to a noticeable decline until reaching the CV10, where we turn towards La Salzadella and face a 2.5 kilometre incline of 7% which, after our legs have peddled 70 kilometres, will be quite a challenge. Once we have overcome this hard section, we descend towards Santa Magdalena del Pulpis and from there towards Peñíscola. Now at sea level once again, we take the N340 back to Vinaròs.

Points of interest along the route

- Càlig (Km 11).
- Cervera del Maestre (Km 21).
- Sant Mateu (Km 31).
- Tírig (Km 47).
- La Salzadella (Km 67)
- Santa Magdalena de Pulpis (Km 84).
- Benicarló (Km 101).


Restaurant Fernandos (Paseo Blasco Ibáñez, 17): here you can try seafood right next to the coast.
Cha Sisco (Carrer Costa i Borrás, 33): an ideal place to try typical dishes, with a very affordable set menu.
Restaurant MiraMar (Paseo Blasco Ibáñez, 12): good food on the beach front with excellent views.


Hotel Crystal Park (CN-340, Km 1048): on the outskirts of Vinaròs where you can disconnect from the crowds at an affordable price.
Villa Sol (Coloni Europa D): a villa with a private pool located very close to the beach.
Hotel Nou Casablanca (Santa Ana, 30): a simple and functional hotel which is very close to the coast.