Our Lady of Pilar Chapel


In the plains known as La Vall de Catí stands a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Pilar. This 17th century country chapel was built in the same place where bread has been distributed and the fields blessed every 3rd May since time immemorial on the Feast of the Holy Cross.

On 6 January 1625, the Feast of the Epiphany, the owners of the twelve surrounding country houses met and agreed to build this chapel in La Vall de Catí some 6 km from the town. The pious farm owners wanted to put their lives and properties under the protection of Our Lady of Pilar. The church measures 13 metres long, 6.60 metres wide and 5 cm wide. Adjacent to the church is the hermitage house which continues to be inhabited today.

Next to the house is a large hall which was used as a country school up until a few years ago.

The gabled roof of the church is supported by two stone arches and the facade by a bell gable, yet there’s no bell. The traditional image of Our Lady of Pilar is on the main altar.

A romeria to the church is held every 12th October.


More information

It’s 7.5 km from the town. You can get there on the Catí road towards Venta del Segarró.