Jacomart Altarpiece


The parish church of Catí has one of the best 15th century painted altarpieces.  What’s unique about it is that it was the work of the famous Valencian artist Jacomart, who was the official painter for King Alfonso V.

A Gothic altarpiece comprised of a bench with six compartments and three aisles with two levels each.  There bracelets are on the ends. Except for the middle aisle, the levels are separated by ogees with tracery just like the predella. On the other hand, the aisles are separated with buttresses that end in pinnacles. The Crucifix is on the spike, the Virgin Mary on one side and St. John the Evangelist on the other. In the middle of the altarpiece are St. Lawrence and St. Peter Martyr, from the Order of Preachers.  On each side are two stories related to those saints. On the bench is Piety; to the right, the Virgin Mary and, to the left, St. John, St. Lucy and St. Augustine. It’s known as the Saint Peter Martyr altarpiece as well as the Espígol altarpiece because it was paid for with Joan Espígol’s assets



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Inside the parish church.