St. Vincent Chapel


Construction of the St. Vincent chapel began in 1610 at the highest part of a mountain. The work was finished in 1618 and the first mass was held in 1620. It’s got a strong, austere look due to the masonry construction and solid buttresses. An amazing panoramic view can be seen from it all the way from the village of Xert to the St. Barbara Chapel in Tírig. The building measures 20 metres long and 7 metres wide. It features the coat of arms of stonecutter Pedro del Sol, three small side windows to the east and one opposite the high altar near the door so the image of the saint can be seen well. It’s got a double-eave roof. There’s a house for the hermit adjacent to the right wall of which only the facade remains. 

The interior is a single nave with a rectangular floor plan. The space is divided into three sections by two slightly pointed arches starting from the same wall. The main sanctuary is in the chevet.



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2.5 km from the town.