Tossal Ice-Box


A quadrangular storage tank.
The width of the walls is about 2 metres.
The rectangular inner layout measures 7.70 x 6 m.
Rock has fallen from the ceiling to fill the ground at least 20 metres.

On the northern and southern walls, there are some holes to fit the beams that once formed the inner ceiling when the well was not completely full of snow.

The inside can be accessed along a stone staircase adjacent to the walls. The capacity is estimated at about 300 m3.

There was an area at the top, but only the remains of the walls can now be seen. The door opens up to the western facade; a loading platform is adjacent to the southern part.

Two entrances to the well were once found in the area. One was a square opening in the ceiling measuring 1.65 metres.  The other one adjacent to the western facade allowed access to the stairs.

The ice-box was built in 1636 by Joan Bueso. It’s very similar to the one in Ares del Maestre, Font dels Regatxols. It’s a commercial storage tank.



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6 km from the town.