Parish Church


A Gothic temple dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.

The original structure is a single nave divided into segments defined by the pointed arches and pilasters supporting them. The side chapels were added later.  The communion chapel is the largest and most recent (18th century).  It was promoted by the distinguished priest Francisco Celma.

According to data from a 1315 pastoral visit, the temple was open for worship and it had the necessary books and ornaments. The current bell tower was built in 1615. Of the two entrance doors, the one in the street Calle Mayor is the most richly decorated. Inside, there are important works of art: the Jacomart altarpiece, a real medieval art treasure; the frescoes in the communion chapel and sculptural reliefs from the choir as well as precious metal pieces. Also inside is the Avinyó Cross or Prigó de Avinyó funeral cross, the oldest of several that continue to be conserved in the Comunidad Valenciana region.

There’s a precious sundial just as you leave the door on Plaza de la Iglesia square. It dates back to 1683. The interesting thing about it is that it not only tells the time, but also the autumn and spring equinoxes in addition to the constellation of the current zodiac sign.