Capuchin Friary


Following a request in the year 1618 by a local resident, Marco Martín, offering to pay all the costs of the work to build a friary so the Capuchins could settle there, the first stone was laid on 4 January 1619 just outside the town. Later on, Marco Martín would become Father Tomás de Xérica. It became a hospital as the bubonic plaque arrived and between 1716 and 1767, Nicolás Camarón created the image of the Divine Shephard which soon became a source of devotion for the Capuchins and the entire town. According to a friary income statement dated 21 March 1764, there were 24 monks living there at the time.

This friary was disbanded on 20 February 1821, and the building was definitively closed in the year 1835. There is barely any information on the old friary, much less any remains.

At the end of the street calle Don Pablo Barrachina, any watchful eye can see what must have been a stone hallway from the cloister and, in the middle of it, a grating for rainwater evacuation.