St. Agatha's Church

Declared a Site of Cultural Interest - Jérica

Initially built in Gothic style, it was renovated in the 18th century in a Baroque style when religious services stopped being held at the St. Roch Chapel due to various problems. It features five segments and the central nave opens up onto lateral chapels on both sides.  The ones on the right are larger. The Communion Chapel, which was built in the mid-18th century, is situated at the foot. The High Altar visible today is a copy of the one that had previously existed created by the Spanish national “Devasted Regions” service after the end of the Spanish Civil War. The decor on the vault closing this segment is the original one that was built during the Baroque renovations.

The facade of this church dates back to the year 1749 and is part of the series of facades and altarpieces so commonly found throughout these lands. Two turrets belonging to the third stretch of the wall are embedded into the right wall.