Town Hall and Municipal Museum


The Municipal Museum of Jérica was founded by Mr Salvador Lloopis, who held a doctorate in Historical Science.  In 1946, he gave the town hall all the objects of historical and artistic value he had been gathering since the Civil War. This diverse collection was placed in the lower floors of the town hall building which was built during the post-war years. Particularly noteworthy are remains of ceramic pieces, Iberian mills, Roman tombstones, coats of arms and heraldic motifs. The funerary stelae, of the same style, refer to the importance of Romanization in the municipality and surrounding areas. Worth mentioning is the tomb of Roque Ceveiro and his wife Isabel de Valero, dated 1600, made of alabaster marble. There is also an interesting collection of ceramics from Manises and Paterna from the 14th and 15th centuries, also with golden influences from the 15th to 17th centuries. The most representative piece in the museum is the St. George altarpiece presiding over the hall dedicated to imagery. Of international Gothic style, it has been attributed to Gonçal Peris.