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Casa- Palacio Polo de Bernabé

Vistabella del Maestrat

Stately home from the 18th century , property of the descendent's of an eminent noble Aragonese family, the Bernabé family, that joined the Polo family in the 15th century.  Previously, this family introduced the orange to Vila-real. It has great architectural and historical richness, the complex occupied the entire block of houses. Its main building has, on the ground floor,with cavalries, a patio and its own chapel. On the first floor we find decorated halls with renders and wall paintings, likewise in the kitchen. The halls open onto the street through balconies. On the upper floor the rooms are located. The different floors are accessed via a staircase with a carved wooden railing and covered with a groin vault decorated with paintings. It is said that under this staircase there is a secret passage leading to the crypts of the church. Topping the building we can find a carved wooden eave. Next to the palace, the houses of the family servants are located.

Above the middle balcony of its main façade, the shield of the Polo de Bernabé is preserved. The house was used as a field hospital during the Civil War of 1936.