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Medieval Walls and Gates of Vistabella

Vistabella del Maestrat

The urban center preserves a large part of the medieval that that protected the town and a large part was restored in 2013 to enhance its value. It is made from masonry and stonework and in some sections it reaches two meters thick. In the same way, a tower and two access gates to the walled complex are preserved, the Sant Roc gate and Forn gate. The first consists of a linteled rounded arch in its upper part, that houses the statue of the Saint in Alcora ceramic. The second is also a rounded arch with another lowered on its inside.

The castle was destroyed during the Carlist Wars. It was located at the top of the hill on which the town sits. It was possibly of Arab origin, since it appears mentioned as such in the sale that the feudal lord, Guillem d’Anglesola, made to the Templar Order in 1303. Currently, in the place that it occupied, the town’s water reservoir is found.