St. Roch Chapel


Construction of the chapel began in the year 1557 with the intention of requesting the intercession of the saint considering the serious plague epidemic in the area. The work was completed in 1559 and the chapel was blessed on the Feast of St. Roch, 16 August. The chapel soon proved too small, making extensions and reforms necessary.  They took place between 1595 and 1599, and were carried out by a group of French masters.

The War of Succession considerably deteriorated the chapel with practically all of the artistic heritage within lost. Reconstruction work began in 1718, at which time a new house for the hermit was also built as well as a sacristy on the upper floor. Although attempts were made to preserve it with renovations and improvements, it was destroyed in the 1936 war.  Despite the later post-war reconstruction, it was left unmaintained which led to deplorable conditions by the end of the 20th century.  It had to be completely restored.