De la Mola Arch (Benassal), walled gateway


The chapel is situated on top of Moncàtil some 1,100 metres in altitude. Besides the chapel, the site is comprised of the hermitage home and lookout. The excellent geographic enclave offers wonderful scenic views.

The chapel, which was built in the 14th century and reformed in the 18th, is a rather large temple.  Particularly standing out are the enormous buttresses holding it up. It’s comprised of a rectangular nave with side chapels yet no transept. The facade features a simple door that dates back to 1720 with an empty Tuscan-style small shrine over the top.

As for the hermitage house, it’s a 16th century building with vestiges of medieval Gothic Catalan civil elements.



More information

5 km from the town, taking the Culla road.

After passing by the spa, take the asphalted trail to the left; the path is marked.