La Mola


A 13th century building likely built between 1240 and 1250 as the first residence of the first settler, Berenguer de Calatarrà. It was the beginning of Benassal. It’s situated in the town’s primitive centre where a part of the ancient wall can be seen as well as a gateway, the Arabic Muela Arch. 

It was originally a chapter house and church with a cemetery in the back. Over time, it has been used for many different purposes from a town hall to a school. Currently renovated on the inside, the ground floor is partially dedicated to homes and the upper floor, the chapter house, is the headquarters of the Alto Maestrazgo Archaeology Museum. This single hall is comprised of large stone arches and small windows. It’s a two-storey renovated building with a portico featuring three stone segmental arches over polygonal supports. 



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