Torreta dels Moros


Located in the area known as "les Torretes", on a small hill between local farmland and brush.

It’s traditionally considered one of the five towers referred to by the toponym Cinctorres. With a square floor plan of modest dimensions, 3.60 x 3.70 m, the walls are 0.80 m and it has a lintelled doorway to the north measuring 1.10 x 0.70 m. There are visible remains of four floors, the second of which features a small window.  The fourth or crowning floor has various rows of niches much like pigeonholes; hence, the auxiliary purpose as a pigeon loft. Towers and farmhouses are often associated with pigeon lofts used as lookouts for warnings.

Inside, the upper floors are accessed via a spiral staircase with loose steps embedded into the inner part of the walls.  This staircase is now practically gone. The walls are made of masonry pointed with lime mortar. One of the corner pieces is currently missing.



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2 km from the town on the Mas de Moles trail towards Forcall.