Town Hall and Gothic Altarpiece


Recently restored, it houses slabs of 15th century Gothic altarpieces. Some years back when renovation work was being done on the Town Hall of Cinctorres, they were uncovered as part of the roof.  In other words, they had been used as slabs to hold up the roofing tiles. These 15th century “carved up” slabs were in very poor conditions.

The Provincial Government of Castellon Restoration Service took responsibility for the material which was carefully studied and handled.

Of the different pieces found, one panel with the figure of St. Peter particularly stands out.  It has been identified as a possible portrait of Pope Luna. There’s a room in the Town Hall exhibiting the slabs as well as a complete study of the “discovery” and the restoration process including the techniques used in addition to “before” and “after” photographs. People say it’s a restoration masterpiece.