Molí del Poble
This mill, located in the middle of the village, welcomed customers from the entire area needing to grind their grains. It’s an electric flour mill with two millstones which is still in an excellent state of conservation.

Molí d'En Borras or Molí de La Máquina
This mill is to the left of River Calders, a tributary off the River Bergantes.  It’s almost on the border with Morella. It was an important mill because it had a steam flour mill as well as a water-based one.  The circular pail and remains of the basin are still conserved. The building is in good conditions.

Molí d'en Costa
Located to the right of the La Parra gorge, a tributary off the River Calders. The large-capacity rectangular basin stands out, panelled with carved stone walls. All of the joints were plastered in 1935 to prevent leaking. The building is in a state of ruin with many cracks and collapsing areas.



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One in the centre, another to the left of River Calders, almost on the border with Morella, and the last one on the La Parra gorge.