Barranc de la Foz

Villafranca del Cid

Barranc de la Foz

“La Fos” is the most important ravine within the geography of Vilafranca, for its landscape, flora, fauna and ethnographic wealth.

It is located to the south-west of the village, a few metres away from the latest urban constructions. It is interesting to note how, in spite of the difficulties presented by the steep slopes of this valley, agriculture has adapted to the unique characteristics of the land. Numerous small terraces with dry stone walls were built upon this inhospitable terrain to make better use of the water and arable land for dryland farming.

The protection provided by the steep slopes against adverse weather conditions, along with a south-west orientation which provides a good amount of sunlight, has made it possible to cultivate species that are more suited to warm climates.

On the outskirts of Vilafranca, next to the old landfill which has been closed, there is a natural lookout point that offers excellent panoramic views of the Barranc de la Fos, of which the following especially stand out: the ermita or small church dedicated to Sant Cristófol of Benassal to the left, the Peñagolosa (the highest peak in the Valencian Community), to the right, and in the centre, the “Picaio” (1,304 m).

Traversing this rugged terrain is not easy, as the road twists and turns, and is occasionally covered by thick plant growth, but it is well worth the effort.