Coves del Forcall

Villafranca del Cid

Coves del Forcall

The “Coves del Forcall” caves are an attractive natural environment and a familiar area for the inhabitants of Vilafranca, as it is located only two kilometres away from the urban centre.

They are located to the south of the village, in the ravine called “Barranc de les Coves del Forcall” and you must follow its bed until arriving at the rocky slope that closes off the ravine. It is formed of stratified limestone rock, shaped according to the whims of nature with the passage of time. There is a complex of 16 caves, on a rocky mass 200 metres high, of which some are deep caves and others simple shelters. Along with these geological formations, there are also rocks in the shape of bridges (of which El Campanar, or the Bell Tower, is a popular example). These rocky formations give the cave complex a beautiful and spectacular look.

To reach this unparalleled and awe-inspiring natural space (in 45 minutes), walk along a trail that begins at the village of Villafranca, passes along the “Barranc de la Teuleria” and continues through the “Barranc de les Coves del Forcall”.