Les Fonts del Llosar

Villafranca del Cid

Les Fonts del Llosar

The area of “Les Fonts del Llosar” is a picturesque recreational location 2 kilometres to the northwest of the town. Currently, it is a recreation and play zone for children, and a picnic and strolling site for the townspeople.

Nevertheless, this area actually forms part of the network of cattle trails that run through the municipality of Vilafranca. It is also an important rest stop and watering place for herds that, depending on the time of the year, move in search of fresh pastures.

Which is why, apart from the usual structural elements of livestock herding, we also find fountains or water sources, water troughs for livestock and old stone wash basins which are protected by an Arab-style tiled roof held up by three slender columns of stone.

An important natural element is also the leafy grove consisting of lines of large elms and poplars.