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The Company Fountain: Washing Area and Trencadís

Les Coves de Vinromà

The Company Fountain or Font de Company features, firstly a of drinking water fountain for filling jugs, bottles, boots and pitchers, etc. Secondly, there is also a trough for animal use. Thirdly there is an area that was used for washing clothes, which received water directly from the aquifers. In the past, ash was used to disinfect clothes first. The water remaining after washing was then used to irrigate the nearby vegetable gardens.

The Font de Company was previously a place designated for sworn acts, where the symbols of power and justice of the village were found and the site where the ceremony for the Protocol for assumption of control of the village was held on 8 March 1593. There are other references found in the records of property purchases and sales taking place at the Font de Company and it was also the likely meeting point for healers, blacksmiths and sellers of all kinds of items thanks to its location beyond the village limits meaning municipal charges were not due and traders could sell at more affordable prices. The first references found date back to the year 1510.

Today we see a large trencadís wall. This was a way of applying mosaics using fragments of tiles joined together with mortar, dedicated to uses.