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El Portalet

Les Coves de Vinromà

El Portalet is one of the oldest gates of entry to the villa and is the only entrance of the castle still standing today. The entrance is comprised of a double semi-circular arch where the access gate is maintained and four pointed arches with a shared support point It was a place of transit for both people and goods. It was a space for business and moneymaking.

This entrance is part of the urban wall, that is, a walled enclosure considered the castle of the villa. Les Coves de Vinromà is of Moorish origin but these walls are from the period of Christian domination. There are scant remains of the walls today because they were incorporated into the structure of the houses which were built onto the walls. Where the fortress can best be seen is in the unconstructed area located in the back part of the historic centre on the banks of the Les Coves River.