Lloma Comuna, Iberian Settlement


Scenery with a lot of history

La Lloma Comuna is a fortified settlement found in the municipal area of Castellfort (Castellón), in the local region of Els Ports. It occupies a surface area of 6,000 m2 at 1,295 m in altitude on the western end of the area known as Les Llomes de Folch. The work at the site has consisted of two archaeological campaigns and a structural conservation phase. These interventions focused mainly on the southern area of ​​La Lloma, resulting in the uncovering of several defensive walls which has made clear the main role of this settlement and what the town planning was like.

The construction of the Folch I wind farm led to the discovery of the “Castell de Castellfort”, consisting of several sections of a wall corresponding to the defensive perimeter of the settlement.  Also discovered were a tower, pre-walls and exterior parapets. This discovery led to an exceptional monument of high archaeological and architectural value, placing it in the Iberian period although prior phases attributed to the ancient Bronze-Iron Age have not been discarded.
Near “Castell”. Other archaeology remains have been found in La Lloma Comuna.
This intervention has resulted in the location of different levels and archaeological structures of a funerary type corresponding to a necropolis of diverse typology.  The presence of cysts related to tubular structures associated with cremations and a burial that may be from a previous phase of the same necropolis has been detected. These materials do not yet offer a specific timeline although the approximate date would be between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.