St. Raymond Nonnatus Chapel


Adjacent to private homes on the right and to the back, the St. Raymond Nonnatus Chapel is located in the centre of Vilafamés in the neighbourhood and square of the same name, close to the old Borriol trail.
This urban chapel was built in the 18th century and the current state of conservation is good.

It’s a small building with a central floor plan yet high masonry walls which are exposed except on the whitewashed facade. The door is rectangular, framed by a lintel comprised of large ashlar stones. There’s an empty niche over it with a modern ceramic altarpiece featuring the image of St. Raymond of Penyafort.

The interesting pyramidal dome with skirting over a tiny square tholobate with windows barely rises above the roofs of the surrounding private houses. Opposite the dome stands the simple bell gable over the eave of the roof. 



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In the neighbourhood of the same name, next to the old Borriol trail.