Artistic Heritage Site


Situated at the highest part of the town. It’s a complex that appears surrounded by a wall built during the 14th century, which includes various urban structures as well as some of the town’s emblematic buildings. The town planning reflects the existence of two different areas: the upper one with narrow zigzagging streets and the lower one where the streets have a linear layout to adapt to the topography.

In 2005, it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest under the heritage site category by the Generalitat Valenciana regional government. As indicated in official documentation, one of the reasons that led to this declaration is that "it is one of the most important artistic heritage sites in the Comunidad Valenciana region due to the great beauty and high degree of conservation, as well as the scenic enclave where it is located and into which its unique silhouette integrates. It features a medieval part that adapts to the unique topography, where interesting popular architecture coexists with significant buildings of Gothic and Baroque civil and religious architecture.