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St. Michael’s Chapel


The construction of this chapel was a result of the devotional foundation of Pere Albella, whose will set forth that a portion of his assets were to be used to build a chapel with the town hall named as the administrators.

It’s a simple structure that dates back to 1640 with a wide facade featuring windows and a spacious porch with arcades.  It’s divided into two parts, a religious area with a place for worship on a rectangular floor plan with a choir loft at the foot and a side sacristy in addition to guest quarters for the caretaker and farmers.

Opposite the building is a large square as well as a spring just a bit further off in the distance. 



More information

Heading towards San Juan de Moró and just 5 kilometres from Vilafamés on the side of Mount Mollet stands the shrine dedicated to the local patron saint, St. Michael.

The entrance is through a forest trail.