The prehistoric sites of Tossal de la Font and Cova Matutano

d - Vilafamés

- El Tossal de la Font:
Anthropological remains attributed to the Neanderthal man, specifically a female individual of the Homo sapiens species, approximately 80,000 years old, were found in this 2,282 metre long cavity, making it the only site of this type located in the Comunidad Valenciana region.

- La Cova Matutano:
Located at the back of the building at no. 72 in the street C/ San Antonio. This cavity has an irregular layout and is 105 m2. It’s an Upper Palaeolithic site, the good conservation of which makes it the only site from that period existing in the regions of Castellón that can be used to document one of the least known periods of Prehistory, between 14,000 and 11,500 BP.