Valentí Montoliu Altarpiece

Villafranca del Cid / Vilafranca

Valentí Montoliu Altarpiece

In accordance with the last will of Miquel Sacala, a famous painter, Valentí Montoliu, was contracted to create an altarpiece in honour of the Madonna Holy Mary after which the Llosar sanctuary is named.

The contract meticulously detailed the rules the painter had to follow. Thus, the altarpiece was to be built in good wood.  The Virgin Mary was to be in the centre and the images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and St. John were to be in this same central segment at the top. To the right of Mare de Deu del Llosa was to be Holy Mary Magdalene and St. Onuphrius .  St. Abdon and St. Sennen were to be on the other panel.

Below these invocations, there were to be four stories plus the Piety in the middle of the stone. When the current sanctuary of Mare de Deu del Llosar was built in the 17th century, the Montoliu altarpiece was removed as its Gothicism differed from the style of the new church and its Churrigueresque ornamentation (Baroque, heavy decorated).  It was thus moved to the Town Hall where it is conserved still today.




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