Sant Miquel Chapel

Villafranca del Cid / Vilafranca

Sant Miquel Chapel

Church of old Villafranca, with a 15th-century altarpiece.

Located in a charming Gothic square. In Pobla del Ballestas. Oriented rigorously to the East, in accordance with tradition, and its statue looks to the West. It is a “reconquista” church, Romanesque transitioning to Gothic, end-13th century, and its dimensions are approximately 12x18x4 metres.

The roof has brick eaves that are reminiscent of Islamic culture. The façade has a rounded arch with large ashlar voussoirs, topped by a circular trumpet-shaped window that flares out towards the exterior, for the maximum amount of light. The Gothic altarpiece to the saint painted by Bernat Serra is kept at the parish of Vilafranca.


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CV15 road towards Iglesuela del Cid.