Fuente del Angel

Sant Mateu

Situated in the Plaza Mayor, an urban space declared as a Site of Local Importance.

This fountain was named in 1373 and seems to be one of the oldest in the world, although the current form must be dated from the 18th century, both for its form and for the image that finishes it off. In 1867 it was restored and located where it is currently found since before it occupied the center of the square.

The fountain is octagonal with an iron fence. In the center, a column holds the stone cup of two empty semicircles and exterior moldings. On the lower part there are four spouts in the shape of animal heads.

Above the sphere a stone base can be found supporting the bronze figure of an angel with clothes in motion, a very characteristic image of the 18th century and constitutes the symbolic representation of the saint of the people, Sant Mateu the Evangelist.