This group of country houses scattered around to the West of L’Alcora is located in a beautiful natural setting. The centre of the settlement is the ermita, or small church, which is dedicated to San Joaquín and Santa Ana and was constructed in 1873.

Due to its unique location, numerous nature trails come together in Araia. They pass through L’Alcora, other settlements in Alcalatén and also through the neighbouring regions of Plana Alta and Alto Mijares. They also connect to places such as Torremundo (the highest point within L’Alcora’s boundaries), the Cova de l’Ocre, the Salto del Caballo and the Mas de Marco.

The clay sediment in the basin of the Barranco de Araia ravine is rich in paleontological deposits, such as the notable recent discovery of 16 million year-old marsupial fossils.


More information

Araia is located 7 km from l'Alcora, along roads CV-191 and 192.