Hermitage of Calvary


This ermita, or small church, is the heart of local spirituality. It is also the place of worship of a miraculous wooden effigy from the 17th century that was attributed by M. Benlliure to Montañes’ Sevillian school of sculpture, which disappeared during the last Civil War. The current building is from the last quarter of the 18th century. When it was restored in 1975, an ambulatory was added behind the old niche. This ermita holds a 1974 José Cotanda painting and a 1980 Vicente Cotanda painting. There are paintings by José Ferrer in the apse and pendentives featuring depictions of the Evangelists.
The façade has mixed lines and a mural of tiles depicting the Crucifixion, by J. Cotanda and V. Gallén (1974).

Other details worthy of mention are the excellent views to be had of the L’Alcora town centre, the lower part of the town and the Plana de Castellón.


At present, the ermita also holds Venerable Bertrán’s relics in a wooden, decorated chest.



More information

The hermitage of Calvary is located on a small mound crowning the town center which can be accessed through the Plaza Venerable Bertran, Calvario street.