Hermitage of San Vicente


This ermita, or small church, was built between 1598 and 1609. It is rectangular in shape, and its nave has a transept, a barrel-vaulted roof and a Baroque dome. The plinths in the chancel are decorated with 17th-century Baroque tiling, and the main interior of the church features 18th-century decorations, sgrafitto and plaster cherubs. The epistle side of the ermita is connected to a spacious hostelry area that has been converted into the clergyman’s living quarters.

The area around the Ermita de San Vicente is one of the most appreciated and frequented spots by town residents and visitors alike. In recent years the surroundings have been renovated, and their leafy pine trees are now home to a large area full of children’s games and picnic areas.

The short journey from the town centre to the ermita has been transformed into a pleasant and well-used walkway. San Vicente is L’Alcora’s green area, a haven of peace and tranquillity.



More information

The hermitage of San Vicente is located 1 km from the urban area and can be accessed through Av. País Valencià - Camino San Vicente.