Alfasar Tower

Declared of Cultural Interest - Albocàsser

It dates back to 1548 and belonged to notary Juan Miquel, according to the lintel on the door. The tower was built during a time, between the end of the 15th century and almost the entire 16th century, in which the owners became rich with the wool trade and began fortifying their country estates. It’s near the town, surrounded by fields of crops. The Alfalsar Tower has a rectangular layout with masonry brickwork and ashlar on the corners. It is comprised of a ground floor and two upper floors. The roof has a part with a slanting roof with a single tile slope and a another higher one, also a slanting roof with a single slope, yet it’s got less of a gradient and is crenelated. The remains of an old chimney are preserved on the lower roof next to the front. Above the lintelled entrance door is a rectangular window on the first floor and a smaller one on the second, where there are some small channels, possibly the remains of an old machicolation. The tower has several small lintelled windows on the other facades. Adjacent to the tower are small masonry structures for agricultural purposes.