San Miguel Chapel


It was built in the 16th century, about 6 km away from the town, in the former path to Catí. The chapel has a rectangular shape and an attached porch. Inside and on top of the entrance door there is an attic, probably intended for the choir. Although there is no specific data regarding its construction, it is known that for Sant Miquel de Vendimias, on 29 September, thanksgiving festivities were held to thank God for the good harvests and maybe they built this sanctuary after the saint as a reminder. In 1599 it underwent significant changes. In 1602, the altarpiece was painted, after it was destroyed during the last civil war. On 11 May 1980, it was blessed and a bell was placed therein. The closest Sunday to 8 May (apparition of Sant Miguel in Mount Gargano) a pilgrimage to the hermitage is held.