El Forn de Dalt

Zorita del Maestrazgo

El Forn de Dalt

On one of the main streets of Zorita stands an old, two-storied building that houses a Moorish oven.

El Forn de Dalt is a private property, but in older times, the oven used to be freely available for public use. The village residents would go there with large round baskets of flour and make enough loaves to feed themselves for two to three weeks. Before baking the bread, they would pinch it one, two or three times so that each villager would know which bread was theirs. Each woman would pay for the use of the oven according to the weight of the bread baked.

Nowadays the oven is only used once a year, during the festival of Sant Antoni. During these celebrations, the people of Zorita make pastissets (pastries filled with pumpkin jam) and cook trays of meat with potatoes, which are shared out between the whole village during a communal meal.