Parish Church


A church dedicated to St. John the Baptist and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Lost Child. This is an example of Valencian Baroque architecture. The church is a broad cross-shaped nave with claustral chapels connected together and a semi-circular dome, all in a refined Baroque style with extraordinary composite order decor. The Chapel of Our Lady is barrel vaulted with a large trumpet-shaped arch and features a dome in the middle.

The altarpiece is heavily decorated and fourteen canvas paintings hang from the walls. The Camarín de la Virgen niche stands out because of the very rich overdone decor. The all-gold altarpiece is extremely lavish. Also worth noting is the Alcorina tile skirting along with seven paintings on canvas by La Mancha painter Gaspar de la Huerta.  Together, they are possibly the best example of the Valencian Baroque style. The small image of Our Lady of the Lost Child is worth highlighting.  It’s commonly known as Our Lady of the Tusk because it’s made out of an elephant tusk. Dating back to the 15th century and only 27 centimetres high, its value is incalculable.

Tradition has it that St. Vincent Ferrer took this small image with him on his apostolic preaching missions. It arrived in Caudiel with the Augustinian Recollects in 1627.