Discalced Carmelites Convent


This convent was inaugurated on 2 December 1685, with the capacity for twenty-one nuns.

On 9 November 1887, the mayor opened a school for girls where classes were taught until the 20th century.

The building fits well with the Order’s austerity although the ostentatious Baroque decor of the period stands out on the inside. At the same time, there is an imposing wall surrounding the convent grounds which gives it a regal and monarchic look of independence which is quickly grabs the attention of any visitor.

The church is comprised of a single nave with unconnected chapels on the sides. It’s decorated in a Baroque style. Since it is an enclosed order, the inside of the convent can rarely be visited except the church and low choir next to the high altar yet separated from it by large bars. There are spacious cloisters within. This convent is on extensive lands used to grow fruit trees and keep immense vegetable patches and gardens.



More information

The church can be visited with permission. However, since it is an enclosed order, the convent cannot be visited.