Museo de la Nevera de la Font dels Regatxols

Ares del Maestrat

The natural cold, in the form of snow or ice, was used during the centuries for medical, culinary uses and the conservation of food. La Nevera de los Regatxols, built in the 17th century, is a magnificent snow deposit example. Restored in 2005, it has become an interpretation centre: an exposition and an audiovisual presentation explain the old ice trade which developed in the Comunidad Valenciana from the 16th century and continued to grow in the 18th and 19th centuries, coinciding with a climatic period which favoured frequent snowfalls in Winter at elevations close to 1,00  metres. You can also visit the spectacular 8m deep well, covered with a stone vault, where a scene in which the “nevater” stores the snow has been recreated.





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Very close to the town
It is accessed via a track from the centre of the town.