Nevera de la Sierra Engaceran

Sierra Engarcerán

The town’s cold store is situated at a height of 750 metres. If you travel to La Sierra Engarcerán on the road from Los Rosildos, you come to a drinking fountain at the entrance to the town. Once there, head down the sloping street for around 100 m. In front of some metal railing that comes from the ravine, you will see a wall on the left hand side with a small grille at the bottom. It looks like a water tank. This is the town’s cold store, and it is one of the best preserved stores in the province of Castellón.

This North-facing snow store had a capacity of over 300 m³.

In 1977, it was converted into a water store for the town. The door was partially walled up, and gave access to the actual level of the street. Through this filled-in space, piping was put in place which supplied water to the outside.

Access from the outside is provided by some steps. The wall of the store is made of rough stone held together by lime mortar. It is 0.9 m thick.

The roof of the store is a spectacular and wonderful false dome made from rough stones held together by lime mortar. This forms an interesting cantilever, and its opening, made from four dressed stones, is at the dome’s highest point. The cold store measures 9.3 m deep in total.

The cold store was built in the second half of the 17th century and belonged to the barons of La Pobla and the Sierra Engarcerán. The cold store became the property of the town in 1699, and since then the town council has been responsible for carrying out repairs. The town council was also in charge of filling the cold store and selling its snow.



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