La Cova Santa

Sierra Engarcerán

La Cueva Santa or holy cave is a natural cavity located in the land around the Masía de Gaspar, which means that it is also called the Cueva de la Masía de Gaspar. The entrance is located on the slope of the ravine that starts at the Tosal de la Canyada (Tossal de la Caná) and joins up with the Barranco del Charco 500 metres downstream. In 1960, the priest Vicente Javier Tena placed a replica of the Virgen de la Cueva Santa de Altura in the cave, although it was already called ‘La Cueva Santa’ before this.

It is the habitat of an invertebrate arthropod called Gollumjapys smeagol, which can only be found in the middle of the province of Castellón. For more information, consult the Topography and description study by the Espeleo Club de Castellón 

The cave is closed for its protection, and prospective visitors must contact the town council at +34 964 706 601 between 08:30 and 14:30 CET, or by emailing them at [email protected]