Ermita de la Virgen de Los Angeles

Puebla de Arenoso

According to the legend that the Christian Conquest of this fortress was achieved thanks to the intervention of the Madonna, that appeared to the troops in the place where afterwards, at the end of the 13th century or the start of the 14th century, the chapel was built in commemoration of the intervention. In these times, the chapel would have stayed inside the walled compound. It is a beautiful medieval temple, that has survived miraculously against time despite its remote location. It ended up being in danger of ruin at the end of the last century, when the reservoir submerged many farmhouses whose inhabitants looked after it, but it is currently restored thanks to the initiative of the Association of Medieval Chapels.

It is a small and simple chapel, with all the charm and beauty of its venerable antiquity and the evocation of its location. Cemented above the rock itself, its floor is rectangular and elongated, with rough masonry walls left in plain sight, stonework reinforcements and gabled roof tiles, recently restored. The door, that opens under a rounded arch with big keystones, is reached by some stone stairs. There is no adornment on the façade, that is topped with a large double hollow belfry with a canopy, but without bells.

On the inside, the floor is made of clay pieces and the roof is made of wood supported by two pointed arches. Behind the altar there is a niche for the statue of the saint, a reproduction of the statue of the mainr altarpiece of the Burgo de Osma made by the ceramic workshop Estanislao de Castellón.

The neighbors of La Puebla and the descendants of the Rambla Alta, Arcos, Campos de Arenoso come to it on the 2 August.