Ermita de San Cristóbal

Puebla de Arenoso

Its construction is Gothic with masonry walls with pointed arches above the pillars. From what used to be the chapel, only the arches, part of the walls and the door are conserved.

The ruins of the Ermita de San Cristóbal can still be seen at the top of the hill of the same name, 700 meters high and some 2kms to the south of the town. It can be accessed by hiking along the CV-207 trail in the direction of Villanueva de Viver. Located in a site of great natural beauty, the views that are enjoyed from there are simply breathtaking.

Surrounded by vegetation that reaches its walls, it must have been a beautiful transition temple between the Romantic and Gothic periods, in view of the ruins that have been conserved. However, its conservation is weak, parts of its masonry walls already cannot be seen, in one of which opens the rounded door formed by large voussoirs.

Also left at the bottom in a challenging balance is its elegant pointed stone arches built with good ashlar stones, above which must have supported the totally missing wooden roof. Its floor was rectangular, with only one nave and of small size.


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On the top of the mountain that takes its name.