Ermita de Santo Tomás de Villanueva

Puebla de Arenoso

The hamlet of El Chorrico, at 800 meters high, can be found some 2 kilometers to the west of Puebla de Arenoso, and therefore very close to the edge of the border of Teruel. A plain extends through it, in which not far from the village we find la Ermita de Santo Tomás de Villanueva as well as the path that leads to la Masía del Pijer.

In a pastoral visit in 1730, it is not mentioned, while it is in a later visit in 1740, which suggests that it must have been built between these two dates, on the initiative of mosén Joseph Badenas.

It is a small, rustic and simple construction of whitewash masonry, with rough slopes on its sides that act as buttresses that reinforces its walls. The gabled roof, that is extended on the façade to form a sustained porch by three thick square pillars. These columns allow access from the left-hand side and from the front, that is left divided in two parts while the left-hand side is left closed by a wall that serves as a support. There are no adornments on the outside, however above the roof ridge there seems to be remains of a missing belfry.


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On the plain behind the Chorrico.