Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Chilches / Xilxes

Dedicated to the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. Neoclassical in style, the primitive construction continues to be in good conditions. The current Parish Church of Chilches is a Baroque and neoclassical building, the construction of which dates back to the late 17th century. Over time, it has gone through various remodelling projects. The floor plan is comprised of a single nave with side chapels connected together between the buttresses; a rather obscure transept and a flat front wall.

To the left of the facade is the square bell tower. The interior decor is mostly neoclassical in style with plenty of pebbles, fleuron, pendentives and medallions. The altarpiece currently presiding the main altar was built after the Civil War in an imitation Churrigueresque style. The body is occupied by a niche featuring the image of Our Lady of the Assumption, flanked by pairs of Solomonic pilasters and columns. The Cristo de la Junquera altarpiece with an image of Jesus was built at the Domingo Llopis workshop in Valencia in 1959. It’s made of Scots pine wood and is covered in fine gold.

The main aisle features the niche with the image of Jesus (Cristo de la Junquera) and the figures representing the place where the image was found on 18 January 1625. The side aisles are adorned with canvas paintings framed with pebbles representing scenes related to this image.



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Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (Chilches), a cultural and historic journey